May 12, 2016

I’ve only been home for a week it has been the perfect start to my next four months at home! I decided I wanted to reflect on this past week and give some meaning to why it has already been such a great beginning.

Over the past week, I have spent time with family and friends, but also a lot of time with myself. I started off summer by spending the first few nights catching up with a group of my close friends. I also got to see my friend that I haven’t seen in about three or four months. This friend is so near and dear to my heart. He’s been one of my best friends since 7th grade and has been there through it all with me. I surprised my friend at the airport and I was so happy I was able to see her! The time spent with my friends really means a lot to me. These people are the ones that I chose to have in my life and thankfully they’ve stayed there with me through the years. These people want to be by my side every step of the way as much as I want to be there for them. It’s a mutual love and respect that I will forever cherish.

Mother’s Day was this past weekend, and my family had a little cook out with my grandparents. I also went to see Captain America with my parents and my papa. These moments are the ones that you will hold with you through the years. I am extremely lucky to have been given the family that I have. I recently found out that I passed my difficult math classes, thank goodness, but even though I felt I could have done better, my mom will always be the first one to tell me that I made the best out of a strenuous situation and that’s all I could have done. I’ve talked about the importance of family a few weeks ago in a blog post, but I could go on and on about how important they are to me. My family has made me into the person I am today, and I am so thankful that they’ve made me into a strong, independent, 20 year old.

The time by myself has been key to helping me keep a great mindset for this summer. Unpacking my belongings from college, putting everything it its place, and cleaning my room while listening to music has helped me decrease the stress I’ve been holding onto since finals week. I just started my new job, and driving to and from work allows me to connect with myself and reflect on my personal progress. I went to a Half Moon Run concert on Monday, and it was one of the best nights I’ve had my myself in a while. I sang and danced to some amazing music in a room filled with complete strangers. The music was refreshing and the people in the crowd were as blissful as I was. I walked out of the venue beaming with joy. Sometimes you need to take a break and go do something alone and completely immerse yourself in it. Take that time to clear your head and relax. You’re the only one controlling that moment, so enjoy it.

I had one of the best weeks filled with friends, family, work, and then the important times
I spent with myself. You will thank yourself when you can divide your time between those four things. Make plans with your best friends to have a great Thursday night, but don’t forget that maybe you should go shopping alone tomorrow and treat yourself to some new shoes. It’s all about the balance.

– Caroline Abigail

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