May 19, 2016

I’ve recently realized that allowing yourself to understand someone else’s outlook on life will help you keep an open mind as you grow older. As we mature, I believe that having someone to look up to is an important way to stay connected to the changing world. For me, it started with my praise for Hayley Williams in the sixth grade. Then years later, it evolved into my admiration for Mod Sun, Meghan Hughes, Koi Fresco, and many others.

For me, these people helped me through some of the best and worst times in my life. Mod, Koi, and Meghan showed me that I can make it through anything if I have the right attitude and mindset. These three really shaped the views I have today, along with the reason why I started this blog. Their points of view on life have recently been the most influential to how I’ve been shaping my own thoughts. I own all of Mod’s books, I listen to his music, and follow him on social media. His mindset is so powerful and he has great ways of getting people to join the movement to a more positive lifestyle. I cannot wait to share my extensive thoughts on Mod in another blog post because his words and ideas have been the most powerful tool I’ve been using to achieve my goals. Meghan is one of my favorite YouTubers. Her content is relatable, funny, and I always learn something new after watching one of her videos. Her posts on social media brighten my day. She will tweet reminders about how great life is, or just awesome song lyrics, along with other impressive notions. I’m so glad I’ve been following her online for as long as I have because she is a great person to look up to. Koi has been teaching me how to approach all the higher beliefs I’ve been trying to understand. These include Spirituality, the Law of Attraction, and “living in the moment”. His videos are jam packed with useful information and I’m always ready to learn more after watching his content. Mod, Meg, and Koi inspire me daily to keep my head up and enjoy life.

Music is the one thing I can always rely on to help me through anything. I know so many others feel the exact same way. Music is a universal language, it shapes our soul and balances our consciousness. Hayley is the lead singer of my favorite band Paramore. I can give a personal meaning to every song of off all four albums, and I believe that those songs helped shape the person I am today. We all have those bands that have been in our lives since we first started shaping our taste in music. Those bands are the ones that started us off on our musical journey. As we get older, the more varied our music taste get. The new artists mixed in with the old reflect how much we’ve experienced and learned from. We now have an assortment of artist and genres in our playlists that we use to portray our emotions. We listen to the playlist of upbeat music for the summer and the slow songs for a night of relaxation. Music has an influence in all of our lives, no matter how big or small.

I believe that we should all be trying to learn new things while also staying open minded to what others have to say. If you start pursuing a new interest or belief, it’s important to research or reach out to a more knowledgeable person to help you get started. You never know what you might learn, and then maybe one day you can be teaching someone else your new passion.

-Caroline Abigail

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