May 26, 2016

The trip from Wakefield to Revere with my papa is a one of a kind experience. Between every traffic light and stop sign, there was a building or landmark that had some sort of impact on my grandfather’s life. The trip starts with the jokes about how he’s going to use his favorite short cuts (which actually means he’s going to take the longer scenic routes). We drove passed the little pond where my mom used to ice-skate on as a little girl, the house my mom grew up in, and where she went to elementary school. As we pull up close to Revere, my papa explains the places he enjoyed as a child. The baseball field, the amusement park, the beach, and the Kelly’s Roast Beef.

Tonight we stopped at Kelly’s for some dinner. Papa’s choice of course because today is his birthday! We sat at a table outside. My papa started reminiscing on his childhood and how Revere was the best place to be as a rambunctious kid. There was always something fun going on in the neighborhood. He continues to talk about my great grandfather and all the professions he had. These conversations always grabbed my attention. My family history goes way back, and I’ll always remember it because of the stories my papa shares with us.

Tonight we celebrated my papa’s 80th birthday by going on this lovely nostalgia trip. Being able to share these moments with him are always so special in my heart. I hope he had the best birthday. He deserved it. He’s one of the greatest men I know. My papa never fails to make any trip a memorable one. I love you so much papa. Thanks for everything, and I hope you enjoyed your special roast beef sandwich by the beach.

– Caroline Abigail

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