July 14, 2016

This week helped me realize a few reasons why it’s important to be true to yourself.

I’ve talked about how my music taste has changed and grown over the past years, and I think it’s really important to embrace that type of change. Music has helped me through some of the bad times, but also allowed me to boost the good. After all these years, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to never judge someone based on their music preference. People always had something to say when I told them my favorite music was Country. I always felt as if my favorite artists weren’t the norm, and I felt discouraged. I quickly learned that people used this shame tactic to make themselves feel better about their selection of music. Years passed and I discovered that there was so much more than country, but I know that it has a special connection to my life. I never understood why people would put others down just because they disliked a specific genre or band. It didn’t seem right that people saw a purpose to care that much when someone else’s favorites differed from theirs. There is no shame in your choice of music.

I went to a show on Monday for a band called the Local Natives. This band was one of the many that opened my eyes to a whole new world of music. Then on Wednesday, I went to a full day event called Warped Tour. I was overwhelmed with excitement at both of these shows. The crowd sang and danced along to every song. What I was feelingĀ is exactly what music is all about. In the end, no-one cares about who listens to who. It’s about you and how you enjoy the music. No one has the right to judge you. Your music taste is about your feelings and emotions, so enjoy any band or singer you choose. Music is the universal language and the one of the most powerful forms of self expression. After this week, I think it’s time that some start respecting that people’s top choices might be different from their own. Go and listen to whatever band that makes you feel your greatest, because that’s what makes you, you! Never let someone else’s opinions affect what makes you happy.

-Caroline Abigail



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