Waking Up

July 21, 2016

I am in no place to tell you that you should wake up every morning with a smile on your face. I try to remind myself to wake up with a cheery attitude, but some days it’s hard to do so.

The few things that I can say to you is this. Wake up and start your morning off with a smile that will change your whole outlook on the rest of the day. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how great you look. Keeping an open mind to make the day more enjoyable even if you’re going to work or hanging out. Go and eat whatever you want because you know your body best and yes, you deserve a slice of cake. Reach out to your family/friends and remind them how important they are because that will always leave warmth in your heart. Text the boy/girl you like and ask them to hangout – life is short and you want to take advantage of every moment you can. Visit your favorite scenic view and spend some time alone, enjoying the moment.

Just remember to smile. It’s the best way to help ensure a great day!

– Caroline Evarts


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