Destination: Harwich Port

July 28, 2016

Every summer my dad’s whole side of the family heads to the Cape to spend a week with one another. There’s about 14 of us that share a house near downtown Harwich Port. We’ve been renting the same house for about ten years now. The days spent at the Cape are some of my favorite! We indulge in my Yaya’s amazing chocolate crusted coffee ice cream pie, the Meltaways from Bonnet’s Bakery, and the fluffy lemon cake. The years pass but my family always remain the same; loving and animated. The days are filled with beach trips and tons of games of Cornhole. We are constantly catching up on life and laughing about our favorite memories. Each year at the Cape is a memorable one and I cherish all of these moments I share with my family. I’m already excited for next year!


– Caroline Abigail


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