It’s The Little Things

August 4, 2016

My job at Crate and Barrel on their merchandise team has helped me grow on so many levels. The store has been working on a huge project for the past two months. While changing beds, setting up new wall fixtures, and organizing furniture for living rooms/bedrooms, I had a great opportunity to work on my creativity and patience. Some days can be really tiring and long, but there’s always one way to make sure we’re ready to take on the rest of the work day. My co-workers’ favorite fuel is Julie’s homemade cookies. Julie is one of my co-workers who works on the sales team.

She comes in to work before we open the store at 10:00am. She hands us a Ziploc bag full of warm chocolate chip cookies. The room is silent as we all take the first bite into those gooey cookies. This was just what we needed to refuel us for the rest of our shifts. Julie brings in about three or four bags of cookies to make sure that everyone had the chance to get their cookie for the day. The lesson I learned from Julie is my favorite out of all the ones I experience at work.

This simple act of kindness does nothing but make everyone else’s day better. She brings in cookies EVERY shift. She cares about each and every one of us at work and I think thats amazing. The bigger lesson is that she doesn’t expect anything in return. She does it for the simple smile on all of our faces.

I know I will always remember that you shouldn’t act certain ways just so you’re rewarded for your good deed. You should always act out of the goodness in your heart, not because you have a specific motive. We should all be thinking and acting a little more like Julie in our day to day life, because she’s one cool lady.

-Caroline Abigail

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