Quick Tips : Friends

Just like many other people, there have been many times in my life where I’ve lost friendships. The reasons varied but I have learned so much from those experiences. As we get older, friendships mean more than ever. These people will stick with you throughout your whole life (hopefully), so I thought I would share with you a few tips on maintaining a healthy friendship.

1. Be helpful and encourage each other

Assist each other on chasing the dreams you’ve been wanting to achieve. This shows the thoughtfulness you both have for your friendship. If a friend is confused, happy, or upset, be that person they know they can go to. Friends give the best advice, because they’ll keep your best interest in mind, and help you be more reasonable with your decisions. Inspire one another. Share your passions. Guide one another towards the future. Sometimes all we need is that little extra push. Your friend will appreciate your kindness and you’ll feel good knowing that you helped your friend in need. Don’t take your friends accomplishments as a competition towards your own. We are all great in our own way and need to have that support system to cheer us along on our way! Friends should be happy to see each other succeed in life.

2.  Be accepting

You know your friends best. If they have certain characteristics or mannerisms that annoy you, let them be. If this person is a great friend, you can overlook their minor imperfections. If you accept them for their flaws, they’ll accept yours. Accept your friends for who they are because we can’t expect the world from everyone. The differences between all of us is what makes a group of friends unique.

Admit when you’re wrong and apologize. This is the biggest lesson because I used to have friends that never admitted to being wrong. It left me feeling defeated because I let these people tell me I was the one in the wrong. Apologizing is a huge way to help solve an issue, and then you can hopefully move on knowing this might improve your friendship. Be authentic, and if someone can’t accept you for who you are, then they shouldn’t be your friend, and vice versa.

3. You can only do so much

I am the queen of overthinking, but I’ve somewhat learned how to manage it. When I get frustrated, all I do is think to myself, “You can only do so much.” If the friendship becomes a one way street, then you have to talk to your friend about how you’re the only one putting in the effort. There should be a balance. If nothing changes, then there should be a change in how you view that friendship. Make sure your friends know that you’re open to knowing when you aren’t being the best of a friend either. There is a difference from being selfish and being selfish while also hurting the ones around you. No-one deserves to feel like they don’t matter. There are so many other people out there that will appreciate all that you have to offer.


Tell your friends how much you love them, they deserve it. They’re a huge part of your life and they’ve helped shape the person you are today. Sometimes life can get a little bit crazy, but just remember that these amazing people are here for you. Friendships won’t last if you do not value them. You can’t expect someone to express their gratitude towards you if you never do the same. Love is a mutual feeling and there’s no limit to the amount of love you can share. So go out and do it! Love the ones who love you.

I love my friends endlessly. I would do about anything to make their day. My lovely friends have showed me what true friendship is all about. It’s an eclectic group of people, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing. They keep me grounded and remind me to always stay true to myself. That has been my goal, to be the friend that they’ve been to me; honest, loving, caring, and adventurous.

I love you guys, thanks for inspiring me everyday and showing me how much we all matter.

-Caroline Abigail


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