September 8, 2016

This past Saturday my two best friends and I moved into an apartment located on the UMass Amherst campus. This way of life is much different than living in the dorms. We now make most of our meals in our own kitchen, have our own bedrooms, and we share a living room. I’m so glad to be starting this new experience with these two friends – it’s a new type of independence we’ve been excited to start. In today’s post, I decided to share how I decorated my room. I know most people are back in school, but maybe some of you need some inspiration of little things you can add to your room!

When it comes to decorating my room, I have a very orderly outlook. I decided to stick with my precious blues and yellows. The decorations in my room are very minimal and include just the few things that I need to remind me of home that help make my room at school feel a little more cozy.


Let’s start with my desk! Most of my beauty products and school supplies are organized and readily accessible from the top of my desk. On the wall, I have four of my favorite hats hanging above my desk. Then I have my Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on the left and my notebooks stacked on the right of my shelf. On the desk I have my makeup storage and hair products, along with tissues, makeup wipes, and pens/pencils. My makeup storage has extra foundation, powder, and lipstick. Next to that I have my hair care products. Then in the open storage container, I have my mascara, eyeliners, makeup brushes, eyeshadow pallets, bronzer, highlighter, foundation, makeup remover, and my contact solution.


Next, to the right of my desk, I have my windowsill. On the left I have my favorite
sunglasses. In the middle, I have my little succulent, my Charmander and Squirtle figurines, a blue canvas to remind me to focus on happiness, my black candle holder, and then some books that I’m currently reading. The windowsill only has a few decorations, but it’s my favorite part of my room.


To the right of my desk, I have my record player. Currently playing is Band Of Horses’ new album, Why Are You Ok. I have my Crosley record player next to my yellow crate that holds the rest of my vinyls. Above my records, I have my hand painted pictures of the sun and the moon as a pop of color in my room.

To the left, in the corner, I have my hamper and extra storage for school supplies. On the wall, I have a poster of Oliver Queen from Arrow. Under my bed, I keep my shoes that I wear almost every day. Next to the door, I have my calendar to remind me of what I have to do that day before leaving my room.

img_9318Next to my bed, I have a purple nightstand with drawers for more storage. On top of the nightstand, I have my iHome and glasses. My comforter and sheets are, of course, blue and yellow. Above my headboard I have another hat, a small dish I got from my Nana, a 7″ The 1975 vinyl, a colorful map, a photo of the night sky, and a poster with all the lyrics to the album The Shepard’s Dog. On the other wall, I have album artwork from Hummingbird, below that is album art from Gorilla Manor and Gary Clark Jr. Live. Lastly, I have my poster of Hayley Williams!

That concludes my college room tour. I hope you liked it! Decorate your room however way you want to. It’s your personal space and you want it to be your escape after a long day of classes. I made sure to bring my favorite things from home, and not overdo my decorating because I get obsessive about how neatness, so going minimal was helpful for me! I hope your first day of classes went well!

-Caroline Abigail

3 thoughts on “September 8, 2016

  1. I love all the tiny details, definitely will be taking inspiration from this for my uni room!! Followed, would love you to check out my blog!!xx
    TheButtercupBaby 🌼

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