“Fall In Love 3 Times”

“Falling in love” is a difficult topic to wrap your head around. How do you know if you’re in love? How do you know what you’re experiencing is what love is supposed to feel like? I don’t think there’s a right answer to any question you ask about love. Love is a universal emotion with millions of interpretations.

I read an article on a Facebook page this week. It discussed the three types of relationships you’ll be in before discovering what you’re personal meaning for love it. I’ll link the article here : Before you grow up, you must fall in love 3 times. I wanted to reflect on this article and give my opinion on what was said. Feel free to interpret their passage and my opinions how you want! It’s all about what you believe is right for you.

The first “love” that was talked about is one that is shared with your best friend. We will all attempt, and hopefully successfully maintain a more intimate relationship with someone who started out as your close friend. I don’t think this relationship has to always end poorly, but it depends on the reasons why the relationship ended. If this relationship ends, you will have discovered what characteristics make someone a good friend, but not necessarily a good partner.

The next relationship will be with someone you thought to be “perfect.” I can completely understand why this type of relationship was added to the list. Someone will seem so perfect, talking to you in a romantic and corny way that you thought only existed on Tumblr. I’ve experienced this. The person comes off so effortless and carefree, but once you’re wrapped up in the relationship, the real emotions hit. It isn’t this fairytale you thought you were living. No-one is perfect, but real drama comes with the ones that think a relationship is all talk and promises. The honeymoon phase will end and real life will come into play, so be prepared. You deserve more than to be tricked into “love.” You deserve the world, don’t forget that.

The last relationship discussed is one that you’ll have with “your other half.” This person is you, but just in another person’s body. This relationship isn’t healthy. You will not grow or learn because there’s nothing to experience when spending your days with someone who’s exactly like you. It seems like an ideal relationship, but you’re left with no room for personal growth or learning how to live with someone who has different interests than you.

I can’t tell you what relationship is the best one for you. It takes time and experience. Even if you don’t want to be in a relationship or if you’ve never been in one, facing the real world helps you grow and learn what you want out of life. You’ll soon find someone who will fit with what you want/need in a healthy relationship. You could be in one relationship or twelve, as long as you’re loving how you live, how you’re being treated, and how you treat your partner, you’re on the right path.

– Caroline Abigail

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