Holding Myself Close

I’ve been wondering if I’m missing something in life because I don’t practice a specific religion. I always had this thought that we should all have the freedom to express our religious views in any way that we want. I’ve researched several religious beliefs and have found solace in many. I realized I’ve started controlling the fate of my day-to-day life. I’ve felt this strong connection to myself and how I view the power that surrounds me. Whatever happens in my life is caused by my actions. I fight for certain outcomes. I have the power to remove/insert myself into anything this life has to offer. The lessons that I’ve learned throughout life will help guide me along the way. My spirituality has taught me how to be brave in my journey.

I began to trust myself and how I respond to the energy that I give and receive. I strongly believe in the power of self-love. Self-love has and will be a work in progress for me and that is okay! I have felt strongly that the energy you send into the world will come back to you. I don’t think this mentality works if you’re purposefully practicing this just to have good things happen to you. The motivation is to improve your life while helping others do the same. We can’t just expect anything good in return, that’s just being selfish. It should feel good enough knowing that you’re doing your best to make this world a better place. Step by step, you can make everything around you better.

I’m not telling you that everything will be perfect, because that’s impossible. Happiness shouldn’t be the goal because you should always be striving for new levels of euphoria. My life isn’t perfect and I’m well aware of that. I struggle daily to remind myself that it isn’t easy. The one thing that keeps me going is the mentality I have to push myself and work towards what I want. I’ve learned a lot in the past year. I now know what I want and what I deserve as a caring individual. I’m still learning every day. I never have a set feeling towards life, my happiness always fluctuates.

This can be a debatable topic. If there is a greater power out there, would there come a time when I’ll experience its presence? If this power didn’t want me to view religion in the way I do, would it have helped me in greater ways than I could have helped myself? My influence of this way of thinking was from the song, If I Believe You, by The 1975. (Lyrics). It’s a controversial song that questions whether or not your punishments will be lifted if you were to declare your faith in God.

For right now, I focus on helping myself while helping others. I talked about this way of thinking since the beginning of my blog. I just want people to know that every day won’t be the best day. It’s okay to have bad days. Those bad days help you realize how much you should be enjoying the good days!

This topic is open to many opinions. I have listened to many people talk about the beliefs so I wanted to share my own. I hope you enjoyed a peek inside my mentality on life!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

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