I go home tomorrow for Thanksgiving break. I can’t help but think about how much I miss you. I never thought looking through pictures could leave a this huge pit in my stomach. You were very sick. You could barely stand. It hurt seeing you that way. I know you had an amazing 15 years of life. I wasn’t prepared to have to walk through the door without you greeting me. I want to lay on the kitchen floor with you and play with your floppy ears as your long tail wags with excitement. You were so goofy looking. I miss seeing your eyebrows shift up and down with every emotion. I don’t enjoy talking about you in the past tense. I will never forget your silly puppy days. You chewed on the end of the cabinets, jumped on the kitchen table for food, and would race around the backyard for the tennis ball. We went through so many tennis balls. You were so good at tug-of-war. We were so lucky to have you. You were growing old with Sara and I. I’m so grateful for that, for you. It seems weird to be talking about a dog like this. I know some people won’t understand how a person could be so fond of an animal. You were something else, Emmett. You’re at peace now and that was the best decision for you.

Just know that I will think of you every time I walk through the side door.


Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

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