21 Things I’ve Learned by 21

My 21st birthday is on Saturday and I wanted to share 21 things I have learned before turning 21! These are important lessons I’ve learned to incorporate in my life. Here we go;

  1. Be kind to everyone you meet. You will find friends in unlikely places and you never know who will become your lifelong friends.
  2. Education must be a priority. Knowledge is powerful and it is a tool that no-one can take away from you.
  3. Do things to impress yourself, not others. If you only focus on doing what other people want, you will drive yourself crazy.
  4. Travel. You can go down the street or across the country. Immersing yourself into some type of change will help you grow and learn.
  5. Connect with your grandparents and spend more time with them. They’re a valuable part of your life that you shouldn’t take for granted.
  6. Listen to your parents and siblings. They have your best interest at heart and odds are their advice is the best advice you will ever receive.
  7. Go see your favorite band often. It doesn’t matter if people like the music you like, if it makes you happy, then nothing else matters.
  8. It is okay to be alone sometimes. Alone doesn’t mean lonely. Sometimes treating yourself to a day to yourself is exactly what you need to unwind.
  9. Do not waste time on people who don’t spend time on you. I’ve learned this a few years ago when I was stuck in a hard place and spending time with people who did care about me was the most fulfilling lesson I have learned.
  10. If your significant other acts like they do not care about you or if they do not make you happy, leave them. It’s okay to be the one to break the other’s heart. Sometimes it has to happen and that doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s about the happiness you share with one another, not just theirs. You deserve to be happy too.
  11. Be honest with everyone. You are allowed to share your opinion with people you care about. It’s a valued trait when you know someone who can be completely honest with you when you need it.
  12. Rejection will happen. Whether it is with work, a significant other, family, or friends, the only way to move on is to learn from that mistake. Everyone has moments of rejection, it isn’t abnormal.
  13. Spend your money wisely, pay bills, and build credit. This is important when you want to buy a car or a house. It is never too soon to start.
  14. Vote. We are given the power to vote, so take advantage of that right.
  15. Hard work really does pay off (cliché, I know). I’ve experienced moments in the past year where I really had to push myself to achieve a certain goal and the results were 100% worth it.
  16. Go with your gut instinct because odds are that is the right choice.
  17. Dress how you want to dress. Self expression helps keep an open mind and it’s the perfect way to show the “true you.”
  18. Your self-worth is defined by you, and only you. Don’t let others have the power to alter how you view yourself.
  19. It is okay to have a hard day/week/month. The process of how you overcome that battle is unique for all of us, but I know in my heart that you will be successful in picking yourself up.
  20. To follow-up #19, take care of yourself. Your physical and mental health is top priority.
  21. There is always so much to learn. None of us know “everything.” Each day gives us opportunities to learn. You can learn from people you know, strangers, school, books, and online – your outlets are endless. Take advantage of them.

I am so happy I could type this up and share it with all of you! This past year has taught me a lot and I know I have so much more to learn. It has also been about nine months since I posted my first blog post! Thank you for all the love and support ❤ I’ll see you all next week.

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

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