Tuesday’s Coffee

On Tuesday morning, I sat in a cafe for about three hours trying to get my emotions written into a blog post, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that easily. There has been many ups and downs in my life recently, but I can’t find the words to explain them. I teared up eating a pumpkin scone when reminiscing on the past few months of my life. Despite the tears, I wasn’t even sad; I was proud. Proud of myself that I know exactly what I deserve in this life and how I should be treating the ones I share this life with. The tears validated that I knew I was growing as a person.

I finished my scone and got up to get a coffee. The man at the counter complimented my jacket and we proceeded to talk about our new obsessions with staple wardrobe pieces. I sat back down at my table and couldn’t help but smile. Those daily interactions are what shape us. Whether it’s a “thank you” when someone holds the door open for you, or handing someone a straw because you’re accidentally hovering over them when you’re making your coffee. We all unknowingly shape each other’s day and that is what makes life interesting.

Thinking about how our daily activities shape us and the people around us, I started pondering the years ahead of me. The future is a daunting topic to think about. Someday, I hope to research animal populations. If that doesn’t work out, I know that I will do something that will directly help our environment or help change how humans view our environment. After my first semester as an Environmental Conservation major, I’m beyond confident that this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m putting pieces of my life together, one by one.

I still have many aspects of myself that need discovering. That will come with time. I’m in no rush to know exactly who I am at this moment; it is a learning process. It is exciting when you find those things that just fit into your life, but I want them to be spread out and happen when I least expect it. I’m spiritually connected with myself and that has always been my starting point. img_0031img_0037img_0038img_0039

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make it a year to remember, filled with love and happiness. Just remember, wherever you are in life, you have control. Turn your bad day into a good one, and embrace the days that supply you with endless comfort.

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail



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