B.L.O.O.M : January 2017

I can’t believe I’m already posting my first B.L.O.O.M of the year! I have been loving a bunch of new things so here it is, my January favorites!


  • For a few years now, I’ve been using Simple face products. Their products contain no dyes or harsh irritants which is perfect for people with sensitive skin. The prices can range from $5-$13, which is an awesome deal. My skin type can vary throughout the seasons, from normal/sensitive to normal/dry. Currently I use their Moisturizing Facial Wash, the Protecting Light Moisturizer, and the Cleansing Facial Wipes. I use the face wash during the week after a day full of classes or if I had a full face of makeup on that day. The facial cleaning wipes are for when I get home from work or when I just need to refresh my skin. I use the moisturizer every morning and every night after I wash my face! This brand has been a staple in my daily routine and I highly suggest trying these products out if you need a gentle way to clean your skin!simple


  • I take a class called Forests and People and our first required reading is called “The Man Who Planted Trees,” by Jean Giono. The book is a short story about a man who planted acorns in a desolate area in the south of France. Years pass and the change in the land is amazing. The regrowth of trees allowed other populations of plants and animals to thrive due to the rebalance of the ecosystem. The moral of the story was to show that hard work pays off and that we can make a change in our world. We can plant trees or become more conscious of how we treat the wildlife around us. Step by step, the impacts we make can turn into something great.757438


  • One of my favorite YouTubers Meghan Hughes has been high on my radar recently. I have been watching her videos for several years now and she gets more amazing with each video she posts. I plan on doing a full blog post about her but recently, I have been absolutely in love with the content she has been putting out. She is one of the reasons why I started my journey last year to create a more positive lifestyle! Each video is filled with inspiring messages, body positivity, and so much more and I admire her for that. Check out her YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter!


  • My go-to picks have been two shirts I thrifted a month or two ago. They are a great addition when layering an outfit. I toss them on over any black, white, or graphic t-shirt or long sleeve! They add a pop of earthy color which it is perfect for the winter time. They were only about $2 each!



  • Someone Else – LANY
  • Francisco – Swim Deep
  • Sunset – The xx
  • She’s Really All I Need – Mac DeMarco
  • You Can Be You – Saint Motel
  • lostmyhead – The 1975
  • Smoke – Mosa Wild
  • Everything to Me – Great Good Fine Ok
  • Part One – Band of Horses
  • You – Day Wave

Thank you for reading!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

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