31 Days of Blogging : Day 25

Day 25 of 31 : Top 5 Favorite Blogs

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  • The Messy Heads

    • This blog is a work of art. The young women that write this blog are insanely talented and filled with so much light. Their content ranges from “adventures” to “style” and “muses.” The uniqueness to their writing has kept me interested for over a year now! The goal of their blog is to help you find bits and pieces of yourself while also living and authentic lifestyle. I applaud them for all their hard work and amazing ideas. In case you’re interested –> The Messy Heads
  • Currently, Lately

    • Paige has created a lovely space for all things beauty, fashion, advice, and lifestyle. The photos she takes and uses on her blog posts are beautiful and extremely aesthetically pleasing. I always find myself checking out her blog first when I catch up on everyone I follow. She shares a little bit of everything on her blog and I highly suggest you check it out! –> Currently, Lately
  • Flying Through Water

    • How could I pass up on reading posts titled, “Daily Dose Of Goodness,” “Post of Notes,” and “Words To Live By”? Nikki’s post always catch my eye when I’m scrolling through WordPress. I first read her “About Me” and was instantly interested in following her blog because of her love for the Patriots and her interest in Marvel. I started reading her posts and now I’m a dedicated follower. Check her out! –> Flying Through Water
  • Don’t Give a Jam  

    • Jamie is a lifestyle blogger that I adore. She posts about beauty, fashion, monthly favorites, reviews and tags. Her photos on her blog posts are always adorable and fun! Each post is about something different and you always learn new things from them. I highly recommend her if you enjoy makeup reviews and fashion. Click the link! –> Don’t Give a Jam
  • jandudy

    • Dan is a father who is seeking to “help to positively determine the direction of future generations.” His unique and interesting views on everyday life caught my interest. His posts will make you think and some will even make you laugh. This blog is like none I’ve read before and his outlook on life is inspiring. Click the link to read! –> jandudy

Thanks for reading!! I hope you check out these awesome bloggers!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

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