A Monday With Mod Sun

This past Monday, I walked into Brighton Music Hall with a pounding heart. I was about to see one of my favorite artists, Mod Sun, live. This feeling is one that can’t be replicated. My thoughts and emotions are always different for every artists I go see perform. Every artist I listen to have a meaningful impact on my life and Mod Sun’s is one that will follow me forever.

I have been waiting to see Mod Sun live ever since I got my copy of his book, “My Dear Pink.” I shared my admiration for him in my 3rd post for the “31 Days of Blogging Challenge.” On March 10th, he released a new album titled Movie. Following the album’s release, he announced the dates for his tour. Lucky for me, Mod Sun was coming to Boston on a weekend that I was home for Easter.

I went to the show alone and it was one of the best nights of my life. Mod Sun and his opening acts made the whole crowd feel like one big happy family. Each artist had a little speech that preached the power of positivity, confidence, and love. I experienced so many moments of powerful self-love, which is exactly the reason why I follow Mod Sun’s movement towards self-fulfillment. Mod Sun was the happiest performer I have ever seen. He smiled throughout the whole set.

After the show, Mod Sun stopped by his merchandise booth. This became my moment to thank him for everything he has done for me. He has opened my eyes to a world that I am so grateful to be a part of.

If he ever comes to your city, go see him! I promise you will have the time of your life.


Thank you for reading!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail


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