Paramore : After Laughter

Paramore released their 5th album, After Laughter!

I have been listening to this band ever since their second album, RIOT!, came out in 2007. RIOT! was released the summer as I was leaving 5th grade and going into 6th grade. I remember searching through iTunes for new music and I stumbled across Paramore. The popular songs off that album are “Misery Business” and “That’s What You Get,” but I felt a strong connection to “Hallelujah” and “We Are Broken”.  It was the first music that made me think, at such a young age, about the power music can have on us. Ever since falling in love with the first and second album, Paramore has been one of my favorites. A third album was released in 2009, but a few members of the band left. In 2013, a self-titled album was put out and this is when I saw the band live for the first time.

The band went through a few rough patches with losing a few band mates and even eventually gaining one back. After Laughter is the album that shows the honesty about how the band felt going through those bad times. The beats and vocals have always been flawless. The lead singer Hayley Williams, in my opinion, has one of the best voices. You get to take a peek into how she has been feeling the past few years through her carefully crafted lyrics. The music seems upbeat at first, but make sure to carefully listen and understand what the lyrics are saying. It was a much-needed album for the band and the fans. The timing of these album releases have always somehow correlated with how I’ve been feeling about my own life. I cherish music and the message any song can deliver, especially when I get to see the growth of a band that I’ve loved for almost 10 years. This band has helped me through so much and I will forever be grateful for the music they share. I know this new album will be on repeat for a long time!

Check it out –> After Laughter

5 favorites off After Laughter : Rose-Colored Boy, Told You So, Forgiveness, Caught In The Middle, Tell Me How

Have you listened to the new album yet?

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Caroline Abigail

4 thoughts on “Paramore : After Laughter

  1. I love Paramore so much! I haven’t gotten round to listening to the album yet but this post has got me excited, I think my favourite album from them so far is their self titled one, it always reminds me of being at school since that’s where I first got introduced to them! x

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    1. You have to listen to the new one! Self-titled is one of my favorite albums too but this new one is totally different from the rest. Despite the upbeat tune, the lyrics are so deep and meaningful. I think that’s something this band does best. Let me know what you think of the new album!


  2. Yes! I too have been a Paramore fan since the days of Riot! and it’s so incredibly surreal to continue to listen to them after all these years. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure about them going full pop, but after my first listen through After Laughter, it’s clear more than ever that I’ll follow this band any direction they go.


    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 & yes I agree! It’s so awesome seeing all the phases of life they transition through. It feels so special being able to appreciate the albums that came out 10 years ago and the ones that are more recent!

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