Why I Thrift & A Haul

Thrift shopping has become one of my favorite activities recently. I adore it so much! I’ve been learning a lot about the dangers of fast fashion, which is a huge reason why I started thrift shopping. Here are some issues with fast fashion;

  1. Out of the country manufacturers have less regulation and will dump harmful byproduct into rivers and lakes
  2. Transportation of goods from country to country causes a great increase of greenhouse gases into the air
  3. Synthetic fibers (made from oil, coal, or natural gas) produce 3x more carbon dioxide in its lifetime compared to cotton
  4. Those synthetic fibers make up over 60% of clothing, take decades to degrade, and are toxic to the environment
  5. As our desire for fast fashion increases, so does the supply, which leads to more detrimental waste…

& many, many more

I can’t say that I have completely cut out major clothing brands from my wardrobe. As a college student, it is more affordable to shop at a thrift store and get simple t-shirts and jackets, but sometimes I can’t find what I really need. Dresses, undergarments, and formal clothes are harder for me to find when thrift shopping. More casual items, such as plain t-shirts and jeans, are an important purchase for me when I thrift shop. Instead of paying $15-20 for a simple white t-shirt or $45 for a pair of ripped “mom-jeans”, I can buy them for 1/3 of the price at Savers, wash them, wear them knowing that they are just as good as the ones I would have bought from Urban Outfitters. It feels really good knowing that I’m doing some good for the environment. It might not be my whole wardrobe, but every bit counts!

I also wanted to share a few more items I recently purchased at Savers!

Calvin Klein T-Shirt – Retail $10-15 – Paid $4.99

Plain Black Belt – Not sure retail value – Paid $2.99


Multi-Colored Sweater – Retail $15-20 – Paid $6.99

Coliseum Blues Denim Shirt – Retail $20-30 – Paid $3.99

That’s everything I got at Savers!

What do you think about fast fashion?

Are you into thrift shopping?

Leave a comment below!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

17 thoughts on “Why I Thrift & A Haul

  1. I haven’t had a ton of luck thrifting but I believe that I’ll eventually find some good pieces ☺ I think everyone does need to be more conscious when it comes to clothing purchases- if I do buy from a fast fashion company now, it has got to be something I know will last 3+ years. My H&M cardigans? All going on 4 years. The H&M blouse I bought? Unravelled after 4 wears. It’s not always financially realistic to cut fast fashion out but you can shop smart!!

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    1. It took me a few times to go through rack after rack and find a good piece at the thrift sorry. Also, I totally agree! I have some sweaters from Forever 21 even some dresses from Marshall’s that have lasted me years, but I also knew what kind of product I was buying before I checked out of the store! It’s about being aware of what we support and invest in. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. That’s really great that you are aware and mindful of the impacts of manfufacturing clothes, I love that you’re finding your own way for a more sustainable life. Thrifting for clothes and home stuff is my fave!

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  3. The denim shirt is so cute! Great post, this is a really important issue. I’ve been seeing the “$30 outfit challenge” going around Youtube and a video I saw today had a girl saying “How is this shirt only $6!?” from a fast fashion store…and the answer as to “how” is pretty sad once you look into it! Great job on being more sustainable!

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    1. The denim shirt is definitely my favorite of this thrift haul. I agree, we can spend money to have the newest fashion, but it takes knowing yourself to have a personal style! Wanting the month-to-month newest trend is what causes the issue in fast fashion. Thank you so much for reading 🙂


  4. This is a really cool post! Thrift shops around me are usually not so great (or maybe I just have shit luck aha) but I love seeing what other people can find! I love that striped sweater!


  5. I occasionally buy clothing for myself at thrift stores. I shop them primarily for art and other funky finds.

    That said, my three children (now grown and ages 23 – 31) grew up wearing clothes purchased at garage sales. it was what our family could afford. And often these clothes were like new given children outgrow garments so quickly.

    I am glad to see this trend toward thrifting. It makes sense financially and environmentally. Keep thrifting.

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    1. There’s always interesting pieces at the thrift store! I found some useful vases and other containers for my apartment. I think it’s important to thrift so that we’re more aware of money and the value of clothing!

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  6. AHHHH! I’m so happy I came across your blog and this post! I love thrifting so much. I mostly thrift for mom jeans because I love that 90’s style. I love buying them and adding embroidery, distressing them, or turning them into really trendy shorts! I’m definitely following you and can’t wait to see more thrifting adventures! ❤️



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