LUSH Cup O’ Coffee Mask : Review

I was cleaning out my wallet the other day and I stumbled upon an old LUSH gift card! I  headed to the mall and stopped into LUSH to see what I could find. After I posted my “Nighttime Routine,” I realized something was missing; a face mask. I have always loved LUSH’s face and body masks so I decided to try a new one! I was immediately drawn to Cup O’ Coffee because of the name. I decided to try it the moment I got home! Here’s what I thought.

The packaging is always so neat and clean! There are instructions for use, the ingredients, who from the LUSH factory made that specific jar of product, and a bunch of other useful information.

The scent of coffee hit me the moment I opened the jar. I liked that it was more of a thick liquid consistency. I was eager to test it out!


I loved this on my skin! The mask can be messy with the grains so it might be helpful to apply the mask over the sink and then wash it off while you’re in the shower. There’s a lot of rough coffee grains so I rubbed it around my skin as I washed it off in order to get some exfoliation. The smell might be too strong for people who are not huge coffee fans.

My skin can be sensitive to new products but this was perfect! My skin felt so smooth and clean. I then applied my Rosehip Oil on my face for some added hydration.

Overall, I loved this face mask! It can be hard to find new products that work for my skin, but this one did the trick. I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive or dry skin or if you want a mask with some added exfoliation! Check it out –> LUSH Cup O’ Coffee

What’s your favorite mask from LUSH?

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

9 thoughts on “LUSH Cup O’ Coffee Mask : Review

  1. This sounds really neat (: I’ve never tried the masks from Lush, but now I know which one I’ll be picking up first! Thanks for the review xoxo


  2. Hey Caroline, I loved this mask when I used it too for the first time. Including the slightly musky smell which accompanied the wondrous fragrance of coffee. Then I got inspired and made my own homemade batch of coffee mask 🙂


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