Stressed? Here’s What To Do

The days where I’m not feeling myself have been consuming me the past month. I always try to stay focused on the positive, but sometimes I get easily overwhelmed. The stress can be caused by the smallest thing, which can be the most frustrating part. It can be triggered when I think about money, school, work, or anything in between. The stress doesn’t last all day, but it’s exhausting. During moments like these, I tend to stay in my own personal bubble to prevent involving others into my personal stress. It really bothers me when I get this way because that’s not how I truly feel. I would never want to project my stress onto other people. It has taken a lot of practice (and I’m still learning) to find ways to control my stress. This week, I wanted to share a few tips that I’ve been trying to use to ease my stress.


Put the phone away and focus on yourself. For me, this is easier said than done. I’ve realized how much time I spend on my phone and my laptop just scrolling through endless posts or videos. I don’t mind that I do it for things I enjoy, but when I keep going back and forth through social medias I just closed out of, I get annoyed with myself. Putting my phone down and starting something new with my day has been the trick. I get caught up in other people’s’ lives and soon enough, hours pass. I love social media, don’t get me wrong, but I noticed that some of my stress can come from seeing what everyone else is doing with their day, instead of me actually getting on with my day and doing something productive! This is the first step to successfully doing the rest of my list of stress-relief tips!


Being able to meditate for more than five minutes was a challenge for me due to my restless mind. Luckily with practice, I’m able to meditate for over 20 minutes now. I’ve learned how to apply my excited mind into a useful tool when focusing on my thoughts. With a relaxed mind and a calm level of breathing. I feel more centered and in-control of my thoughts and body.


On days when I’m not feeling like myself, I put on music that never fails to remind me that stress isn’t worth the energy. Listening to music that I’ve seen live reminds me of all the great times I’ve had when singing and dancing to my favorite music with the best people in my life. Some music reminds me of when I was younger or of times where I’ve overcome other hard moments. This distracts me and usually puts my mind in a much happier and stress-free space!


At-home spa nights can be the best! Putting the phone away, applying a face mask, eating a bowl of ice-cream, and turning on my favorite Netflix series can be the perfect remedy. Also, I have to make sure I’m getting a good nights rest in order to feel good the next day. Instead of trying to fix everything that I think is wrong, sometimes I just need to take a step back, clean my head, and come back to it later.

Write It Down

My journals mean everything to me. Day-to-day thoughts, blog ideas, weekly schedules, trip ideas, it’s all there. Having my thoughts or schedule written in front of me brings me a sense of tranquility. I write down a lot of lists so that I can physically check off each thing I’ve done and know that I can reference that page at any time. I also trust hand-written notes or schedules more than my phone because I never know when something could happen to my phone. I also feel more relieved when I write down my feelings or thoughts. Sometimes it can be helpful in the future to have those emotions written down as a reference to solving those issues again.


Tidying my stuff is one of my favorite de-stressing tools. I will go through my makeup and organize each bin or wash all my brushes. I will also go through my closet and re-organize it or try on old clothes to see if I still need them. This is a great way to distract myself from my stress while also doing a chore I would probably stress about later!

Moments pass and the stress never matters a few days later. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate what’s causing your stress. All you might need is just 10 minutes or two hours to yourself. Once you feel more calm and concentrated, you can go ahead and conquer the problems!

I’m still learning the best ways to tackle my stress.

Do you have any tips?

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

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