7 Days of Self Care : Challenge

Happy Thursday!

This week I wanted to share a challenge that my roommates and I are trying out. I’ve noticed how much work we’ve all been doing recently and I wanted to figure out a way for us to take time for ourselves. I decided to create a challenge for all of us to try for one week! Taking time during the day to focus on your mental and physical health is extremely important. Let’s get into the challenge.

First rule is that you must have a journal. It can be a small journal from years ago or a document on your computer dedicated to this challenge. For each day, after achieving the assigned task, you have to write/type in your journal how you felt taking the time in your day to do said challenge. Take the time to write about how you felt knowing you had a task for the day. Was it hard to fit it in during your day? Do you see yourself doing this task more often in your schedule? Elaborate on the impact it had on your day.

Day 1 : De-Clutter

Take the time to clean your apartment, wash & fold your laundry, clean out your purse, organize your closet. Do anything that you’ve been avoiding to organize. Record it in your journal.

Day 2 : Talk About Happiness

With roommates, siblings, parents, work/school friends, start a conversation about the things that make you the most happy. If you can’t have the conversation with someone else, list out the top 10 things that make you smile in your journal. It can be the time you got your first pet or how much you love your grandparents. Take the time to think about the parts of your life that make everything better. Record how it felt to talk about the good things in your life and listening to others talk about theirs.

Day 3 : Meditate/Take Time to Think

This task was set because I wanted to challenge myself to a longer meditation. If you don’t meditate, take 10-20 minutes of your day to just take a walk or sit with your thoughts and write them down. They can be negative or positive. Writing your thoughts down can help you clear your head and moved passed whatever’s bothering you. Or you can go back to this page in your journal and remember what made you happy that day!

Day 4 : Water

This is an easy one. Drink your required amount of water; 72oz for women and 104oz for men. Record in your journal how much you drank that day. Did you reach the goal? Was it hard or easy? What do you think you could have done differently to achieve the goal?

Day 5 : Music

Pull out your headphones, speakers, or record player and toss on your favorite album! This is my favorite way to de-stress and take some time for myself. Nothing is better than reminiscing on why an artist or album is your all time favorite. Write down in your journal the songs or bands you listened to and how they made you feel. Did you listen to one band or multiple? How did it make you feel?

Day 6 : Pamper Yourself

Before crawling into bed, take a few minutes to treat yourself. Take a shower, put on a face mask, make a cup of tea, do your nails, watch an episode of your favorite show, and then go to sleep. Allow your body to unwind from the day. Taking this time will make all the difference in your night’s sleep. The next morning, record how you felt waking up. Do you feel more relaxed?

Day 7 : Bucket List

This is your final day! For your final task, you have to record at least 10 things you want on your bucket list. If you already have one, revise it. Think back on this past week and write down which tasks you plan to incorporate into your daily or twice-a-week routine. Are there other things you want to do in your day in order to reflect on your mental/physical health? Write it down!

There are hundred of things you can do to enhance your self-love and self-care. Extend this challenge or swap out ideas for your own! As long as you remember to take some time in your day to reflect on yourself. Write it or type it out, it always helps. Challenge yourself!

Let me know in the comments if you try this challenge out for yourself! I would love to hear about any version you attempt.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail




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