A Thrift Haul!

Over Thanksgiving break, I headed to Savers and scored some really great deals with their 30%-off tagged items sale! I’ll be sharing the pieces I purchased and some others I didn’t end up getting. Let’s jump into it!




The first item I picked up was this two-toned blue sweater. I decided not to purchase it because I already have a sweater just like it. The sale price was $5.59!

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I am currently obsessed with unique patterned sweaters, so I was excited to add this next piece to my crazy sweater collection. To my disappointment, it ended up not being comfortable. It was too heavy and was made of an itchy fabric. Maybe I’ll find a funky sweater next time around!

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Next, I tried on this brown/gold sweater. The pattern is really classic and it’s long enough to tuck into jeans or to wear with leggings. I decided to purchase this because I’m a sucker for soft sweaters! With the 30% off, the final price was $4.12.

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I am stoked about this next piece! It’s a burnt orange pull-over from L.L.Bean that only cost $6! These usually retail for about $20-50. This is my new must-have for the winter!

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Another amazing pull-over I found is this quarter-button up from the brand Woolrich! These retail for about $40-100, but this one at Savers was only $5.50. The cinching around the wrist and the waist creates a comfortable fit.

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Lastly, I tried on this funky button-up shirt. This would look cute tucked into some jeans, or tied up for a night out! With the discount, this shirt only cost $4. I couldn’t pass it up!



I spent $20 and saved about $10 with the 30% off sale! I would say this was a successful trip.

What do you think of thrift shopping?

Thanks for reading!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

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