Post-Grad New Years Resolution

Life is full of difficult choices. For most of my 22 years, I’ve been following what the majority of people around me have done. Recently, I’ve been finding it hard to separate myself from not doing what everyone else is doing. People have their own post-graduation goals, which is one of the greatest accomplishments you can have as a graduating senior. That hasn’t been my mindset this year. I’ve been comparing myself to other people and their goals, when clearly our life paths aren’t the same. For some reason, I can’t help but admire them while also put myself down because of my unclear aspirations.

It’s sort of silly that I compare myself to other people. It’s one of my worst qualities. Instead of using that effort of comparing myself, I need to use it towards my future plans, whatever they may be.

College has been a great four years of my life. I’ve been through every up and every down, but came out even stronger each time. As a New Year resolution, I plan on achieving the same goal I have been the past four years; find my way, while staying true to myself. With a change in major, new friends, old friends, a new boyfriend, turning 22, working, I’ve slowly been finding my way. It’s a day-to-day process that gets better with each day. I’ve watched myself grow up and learn from my mistakes. I’ve celebrated my accomplishments. I’ve celebrated other people’s’ achievements and even felt their moments of sadness. That’s what separates my “life path” from other people’s’. We’re all just doing our best to find our own way.

I didn’t realize until recently that people will support you with every endeavor you choose. They might not think it’s the best idea, but they’re happy if you’re happy. They want to support you just as much as you want to support them. It’s a beautiful thing in life; this trial and error phase my friends and I are experiencing. One bad job interview doesn’t define us, neither does a bad exam grade. What matters is how we pull ourselves out from these unfavorable experiences and how we improve ourselves. That’s how we will find our way. Embrace the bad, learn from it, and move on. Each moment of our individual live’s are what make us different from one another. It’s important that I, and everyone else, stop comparing ourselves to one another. It took us all a lot of effort to get to where we are now, and we shouldn’t let anyone or ourselves tear us down from that place.

Here’s to a New Years of less comparison, and more action! Nothing will get done if you use your energy on someone else’s life. This next year, 2018, is for you, for me, for everyone who is still trying to find their way.

Do you have a New Years resolution?

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail



3 thoughts on “Post-Grad New Years Resolution

  1. I’m also graduating in the spring and I’m so excited omg I think one of my resolutions would be to do my best to participate on campus cz I’m such a turtle when it comes to being social and post grad I’d say I wana land a cool job that isn’t just another “job” but more of a career benchmark.

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