Thrift Haul & International Women’s Day Instagram Challenge!

There’s nothing better than spending a rainy Friday afternoon in the thrift store! This thrifting trip was more successful than I expected. There was a unique piece in every nook of the store.

Let’s get into the haul! Make sure to read until the end to check out the awesome Instagram challenge my roomie and I have going on 😊

Athleta Tank Top : $4.99  (Retail $39-$49)



Under Armour Train V-Neck : $4.99  (Retail $29.99)



Duluth Long Sleeve w/ Pockets : $4.99  (Retail $24.95)



Adirondack Trail Goods Crewneck : $5.99  (Retail ~$20)



UMass Sustainability T-Shirt : $2.99



‘World’s Coolest Dad’ T-Shirt : $2.99



Big Rock Clothing Company T-Shirt : $2.99  (Retail ~$20)


Total : $30

This thrifting trip was a huge success. I purchased 7 items for $30, that’s less that $4.25 per article of clothing, not to mention the name brand athletic shirts I got!

I also wanted to discuss my personal connection between my style and thrifting. When I began thrifting, I was unsure of what I would find or what it really meant to be a “thrifter.” A few months later, I realized that the clothing I found while thrifting created a wardrobe that reflected the true me. I take pride in each item I pick out at thrift stores and it has become a huge part of my life. I stopped comparing myself to what other people were wearing or having the urge to fall into certain fashion trends. I love my funky patterned sweaters, baggy t-shirts tucked into my thrifted Levi’s, and button-ups. I educated myself on the benefits of thrifting, which I shared in my “Why I Thrift” post, and began taking a stand against one-stop shopping at commercial stores. I can’t say that everything I own or buy is from thrift stores. Some articles of clothing are hard to find based on sizes and body type, such as; jeans, dresses, and shoes. I have thrifted some of those items, which are still staple items in my wardrobe, but sometimes I still have to purchase them in stores. Practice makes perfect, but still nobody is perfect at everything!


With this self-discovery and confidence I found within thrifting, my roommate Olivia and I have decided to create a challenge. Liv has an awesome Instagram account, dedicated to recipes, activities, and everything else she loves. I’ll link it here –> Happy Homemade_. Our challenge is for people to post on their Instagram timeline or Instagram story a photo of themselves in the article of clothing or outfit that makes them feel unique and confident. You tell us, with the #StylePositive, and make sure to tag @Caroline_Evarts, @HappyHomemade_ & a friend!!

Spread the love! Everyone has their individual style and you should be proud of it! I know that I can rock whatever I put on in the morning and that outfit compliments exactly who I am.


Thank you for reading! Remember to stay true to yourself & don’t worry what others are doing 💛

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail



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