2 Years of Blogging!!

I can’t believe it – I started Beyond This Fence a little over two years ago! Time flies when you’re doing what you’re passionate about 💛

I’ve gotten quite a few more people following the blog now, so I wanted to reintroduce myself by sharing 37 facts!

  1. Welcome to Beyond This Fence!
  2. I’m Caroline, the owner and blogger of this site
  3. I’m originally from the Boston area
  4. I currently reside in Amherst, Ma
  5. I graduate college in two months, with a bachelors in Environmental Conservation and a minor in Mathematics
  6. Siblings: A sister, Sara. She is 6 years older than me
  7. Age :  22 years-old
  8. Astrology is a new obsession of mine (I’m a Sagittarius)
  9. I adore thrifting
  10. I have 10 piercings, no tattoos
  11. The last song I listened to was Supernatural by BØRNS
  12. Go-To Movie : Pirates of the Caribbean and 27 Dresses, or any Marvel film (weird combination, I know)
  13. Spirit Animal : Moose! but I’ve never seen one in real life 🙃
  14. Favorite band : Wild Child, Paramore, The 1975, Jake Owen, but I have a list of 15 bands/artists I consistently listen to & I’m always adding to it!
  15. Color of choice : Blue or yellow
  16. Collections : Baseball caps from all my trip destinations & vinyls
  17. Favorite Season : the transition from summer into fall – warm days with cooler nights
  18. My boyfriend’s name is Dylan
  19. I love makeup but I wouldn’t say that I’m a pro at using it
  20. Job goal : Utilize my math and environmental knowledge to analyze animal populations
  21. Food : Brussel sprouts, onions, grilled chicken
  22. Restaurant : Chilis…. maybe I should raise my standards haha
  23. I can’t go a day without coffee
  24. Cat or dog : Bernese Mountain dogs
  25. Shows : Psych, Supernatural, The Flash, and Bates Motel
  26. Dislikes : Mushrooms, olives, bad manners, messiness
  27. I dream of traveling to Australia, Ireland (I’m going in May!!), and Venice
  28. Favorite Holiday : The 4th of July or Thanksgiving
  29. I apologize way more than I should, but mean it every time I say it
  30. I learned a lot more about myself in the past 2 years than I thought I would have
  31. I developed a strong relationship with my self-care and self-love during my time in college
  32. I believe that the sun can make a day 10x better
  33. I can picture myself living in a house in the woods
  34. My family is tremendously supportive
  35. I wear Converse or combat boots every day
  36. Lucky numbers are 11 and 14
  37. If I could eat dinner with anyone, I would choose Haley Williams (lead singer of Paramore), John Muir (Naturalist), or Johnny Depp (actor)

I wholeheartedly appreciate everyone for being there and supporting my two years of blogging 💛

Each and every comment, like, and text make my day!

Comment below if you’d like me to post about my favorite lessons I’ve learned since starting my blog.


Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail


26 thoughts on “2 Years of Blogging!!

  1. I’ve never been to Ireland or Australia but hoping to go to Ireland this summer as well! Venice is so beautiful but it’s so easy to get lost because all the houses start to look the same. A gondola ride is quite expensive for what it is but it’s all part of the experience so definitely budget for that if you want the experience. Prepare for ice cream overload. xx

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    1. I hope you make it to Ireland in the summer! I can’t wait. I’ve only traveled outside of the US to go to Canada, so I’m really excited to travel. I took a class in college all about Venice & I knew I had to get myself there at some point! What was your favorite part of Venice??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope so too! Trying to convince the parents to take me so I don’t have to pay hehe. I loved the Doge’s Palace as it was architecturally so beautiful. I would recommend going up the belltower as you get an incredible view of Venice.

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