College Morning Routine!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I’m sharing my morning routine. I enjoy taking some time out of my morning to take care of my skin, do my makeup, and fuel my body with a great breakfast!

I wake up at around 7:00am or 8:00am, depending on my class schedule. After I turn off my alarm, I check my social medias. (Here’s my shameless plug to my Instagram -> Caroline_Evarts ☺️ )

After about 10 minutes on my phone, I hop out of bed to do my skin care.

I’ve been raving about the Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water for over a year now and it’s still an essential part of my everyday routine. I also apply the Origins Refreshing Eye Cream to my under eyes. These two products together give me a clean and refreshed feeling to start my day.C23B3499-6683-4B45-8FCE-711619B6DE3E

I then head downstairs to make breakfast! An egg on toast is my go-to. I’ll either scramble or fry my egg and place it on top of a piece of toast. My current favorite bread is the Innkeeper’s 8 Grain & Seed. I’ll enjoy this with a nice cup of iced/hot coffee. It’s so relaxing to sit and eat while sipping a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee!

After breakfast, I head back upstairs to pick out an outfit and do my makeup. I apply a quarter-size amount of my Simple Moisturizer to my face as a base. I then mix two shades of my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and apply that with my Real Techniques foundation brush. I dab my NYX HD Concealer on any blemishes that peek through my foundation. I then apply the Becca Highlighter, Maybelline Brow Drama, and the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. I finish off with my Urban Decay Setting spray. This makeup takes me less than five minutes to do! It’s super simple and natural looking. I’ll insert a before and after of myself! It might not look like much, but I feel more put together when I do this effortless look.

I throw on my thrifted jeans, black shirt, and belt. A comfy outfit for a busy day. Not pictured are my black and white Converse I decided to wear. I pack up my backpack and head out the door!


What’s your favorite part of your morning routine?

Thanks for reading!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail


19 thoughts on “College Morning Routine!

  1. Are you using the micellar water as a cleanser? Im kind of thinking of putting it back in my routine. My favourite part from my morning routine is sipping on my green tea! btw, I looked through some of your posts and gave you a follow! xo

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    1. I will switch off from using my St Ives cleansing stick or my micellar water as morning cleansers! I enjoy the micellar water because it isn’t as harsh in the morning compared to some cleansers!! Thank you so much for reading, I followed you too! Can’t wait to read more of your content & get to know you 🙂

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  2. I don’t know if this is strange or not but I find doing my make-up so relaxing. I always play music from my speakers when I do so and I really enjoy having 5-10 minutes to myself. xx

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  3. Routine is important to setting the right tone for the day. And you’ve found one that works for you.

    Mine includes showering, reading devotionals, prayer, and lifting weights before I get on my computer and start work for the day while simultaneously eating my bowl of oatmeal laced with whatever fresh fruit on hand. I recently started drinking coffee and have one cup about mid-morning.

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    1. I love having a routine, it makes me feel more put together! How has drinking coffee been for you so far? I have friends that are strictly tea drinkers and I always am curious to how they would enjoy coffee.


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