Meadows Music & Arts Festival 2016

This past weekend, a group of my friends and I headed down to New York for The 2016 Meadows Music & Arts Festival. I began planning this trip a couple of months ago and I’m so thankful this whole plan came together so swiftly! We started our journey on Saturday morning (the concert is on Sunday) and while it was a long drive, we finally made it to our fantastic Airbnb. This was the first Airbnb I have ever rented and I was a little nervous. The owner greeted us, showed us around the house, and left us to explore. We made our way to a diner for lunch that had great food! Afterwards, we went back to the Airbnb and relaxed for the rest of the day. We were all tired from the traveling and we needed to rest up before the big day on Sunday. Dinner was at Fillmore’s Tavern and I had the best quesadilla I’ve ever eaten!

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Destination: Jackson, NH

August 11, 2016

I’m a sucker for a night sky filled with stars and the skies I saw in Jackson exceed all night skies I’ve gazed upon. Jackson is filled with some of my favorite family memories. Staring up at that sky fills me with peace and allows me to reflect on all of the times shared with my family. Days are spent adventuring down the Kancamagus Highway and stopping to view new sights. Nights are spent on the porch, admiring the White Mountains and all the beauty they have to offer.

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Destination: Harwich Port

July 28, 2016

Every summer my dad’s whole side of the family heads to the Cape to spend a week with one another. There’s about 14 of us that share a house near downtown Harwich Port. We’ve been renting the same house for about ten years now. The days spent at the Cape are some of my favorite! Continue reading “Destination: Harwich Port”