A Friday For The Soul

This semester is the first semester that I don’t have classes on a Friday. I’ve been trying to take advantage of this free time to get work done and do things for myself. This past Friday, my roommate Liv and I decided to get our grocery shopping out-of-the-way and then treat ourselves with a hearty lunch and some shopping.

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A Thrift Haul!

Over Thanksgiving break, I headed to Savers and scored some really great deals with their 30%-off tagged items sale! I’ll be sharing the pieces I purchased and some others I didn’t end up getting. Let’s jump into it!




The first item I picked up was this two-toned blue sweater. I decided not to purchase it because I already have a sweater just like it. The sale price was $5.59!

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I am currently obsessed with unique patterned sweaters, so I was excited to add this next piece to my crazy sweater collection. To my disappointment, it ended up not being comfortable. It was too heavy and was made of an itchy fabric. Maybe I’ll find a funky sweater next time around!

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Next, I tried on this brown/gold sweater. The pattern is really classic and it’s long enough to tuck into jeans or to wear with leggings. I decided to purchase this because I’m a sucker for soft sweaters! With the 30% off, the final price was $4.12.

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I am stoked about this next piece! It’s a burnt orange pull-over from L.L.Bean that only cost $6! These usually retail for about $20-50. This is my new must-have for the winter!

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Another amazing pull-over I found is this quarter-button up from the brand Woolrich! These retail for about $40-100, but this one at Savers was only $5.50. The cinching around the wrist and the waist creates a comfortable fit.

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Lastly, I tried on this funky button-up shirt. This would look cute tucked into some jeans, or tied up for a night out! With the discount, this shirt only cost $4. I couldn’t pass it up!



I spent $20 and saved about $10 with the 30% off sale! I would say this was a successful trip.

What do you think of thrift shopping?

Thanks for reading!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

7 Days of Self Care : The Follow-Up

Happy Thursday!

About a month ago, I shared my challenge of taking time out of your day, for 7 days, to focus on your physical and mental health. My roommate Liv and I followed through with each day and journaled how we felt about the challenges we set for ourselves. Here are our results!

Day 1 : De-Clutter

On this day, we cleaned our living room and kitchen. Based on what Liv and I wrote in our journals, we agree that we just have to do these things to get them out-of-the-way. In Liv’s journal, she wrote, “we found that cleaning up took less effort than we originally thought, especially when done with friends and some good tunes,” which is true! Time passes so much quicker when you’re enjoying yourself. 

Day 2 : Talk About Happiness

My friend and I stayed up really late and talked about some great old memories from high school and childhood. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while. We both could tell that we were pleasantly lost in the topic and before we knew it, it was 3am.

Day 3 : Meditate/Take Time to Think

Liv and I are both very familiar with meditation. This week we both set the goal to try to challenge ourselves to extend our meditation sessions. I had a very successful meditation session this day. Liv provided a link to the meditation she did and it made her feel more confident and energized for the day! Here’s the link –> Guided Morning Meditation

Day 4 : Water

This was a challenging one for me! I usually use my reusable container for coffee, and if I’m just slowly sipping on my coffee, I won’t refill my container with water until later in the day. For Liv, this was an easy one. She has a habit of drinking 2L a day, but challenged herself to sip it periodically throughout the day, instead of chugging it down. Water is really important and this challenge taught me how to be better at getting in my necessary amounts!

Day 5 : Music

Liv listed three albums she has been loving;

“CTRL– SZA ; Something about this album JUST gets to me. It documents well her transition into her twenty-something years. This album puts into words this evolution of self, in a relatable way.

Friday Night Lights– J. Cole ; I made a mix-tape of this album in high school, and would play it driving to and from school just about everyday. I love that feeling of putting on a song you haven’t listened to in years and still remembering all the words.

Hozier– Hozier; This is another one I rediscovered my love for. Every song off of the album takes me to a specific time, memory, and feeling.  I love this one for walking around campus to some happy jams.”

I wrote down the 10 songs that always hit me right in the feels;

  1. The Girl // City and Colour
  2. Fallingforyou // The 1975
  3. Hallelujah // Paramore
  4. Daydreaming // Paramore
  5. Stay // Sugarland
  6. Move Together // James Bay
  7. Real Estate // Wild Child
  8. Airplanes // Local Natives
  9. Dave’s Song // Whitney
  10. Perfect Places // Lorde

Day 6 : Pamper Yourself

Liv and I have an obsession with face-masks so there’s no doubt that that’s how we pampered ourselves this day. Coming home after a long day of being on campus, hopping in the shower, putting on a face mask, watching some Netflix, is the way to treat yourself!

Day 7 : Bucket List

First one is Liv’s, second on is mine!


Overall, Liv and I had a really great experience with setting daily challenges. It made us think more about what we need to do for ourselves. We all have some time in our day to sit and take care of our health!

Thanks for reading.

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail