Entering the Adult World

It has been a few months since I’ve sat down and took the time to think about who I am and who I’m becoming. I get overwhelmed at the idea of my future and having some type of “plan.” I sit here, working a full-time schedule (split between my two jobs), balancing friends and family, spending time on my blog, just wishing it could all be easier.

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7 Days of Self Care : Challenge

Happy Thursday!

This week I wanted to share a challenge that my roommates and I are trying out. I’ve noticed how much work we’ve all been doing recently and I wanted to figure out a way for us to take time for ourselves. I decided to create a challenge for all of us to try for one week! Taking time during the day to focus on your mental and physical health is extremely important. Let’s get into the challenge.

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Setting Goals & Sticking To Them!

This summer flew by and senior year is only a few weeks away! As I spend more and more time thinking about how exciting and sentimental this next year will be, I’ve been trying to set goals for myself. I want to make sure I create a positive atmosphere for myself and everyone I spend my time with!

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First Week

This week started my junior year spring semester. Moving back into the apartment was extremely exciting! I got to see all my close friends and I spent most nights hanging with my best friend. We watched tv and talked about life. Living with people who share similar likes and dislikes is the best way to get through the school year. It was hard listening to people when they commented on the fact that I lived with two of my best friends from my hometown, but these girls are the ones that make this college experience complete.

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