7 Days of Self Care : Challenge

Happy Thursday!

This week I wanted to share a challenge that my roommates and I are trying out. I’ve noticed how much work we’ve all been doing recently and I wanted to figure out a way for us to take time for ourselves. I decided to create a challenge for all of us to try for one week! Taking time during the day to focus on your mental and physical health is extremely important. Let’s get into the challenge.

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B.L.O.O.M : July 2017

My “B.L.O.O.M” series has become my favorite posts to write and share. For some of my newer readers, “B.L.O.O.M” stands for Beauty, Literature, Obsessions, Outfits, and Music. It allows me to reflect on everything I’ve been loving over the past four weeks! Let’s get started on this month’s B.L.O.O.M favorites!

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Stressed? Here’s What To Do

The days where I’m not feeling myself have been consuming me the past month. I always try to stay focused on the positive, but sometimes I get easily overwhelmed. The stress can be caused by the smallest thing, which can be the most frustrating part. It can be triggered when I think about money, school, work, or anything in between. The stress doesn’t last all day, but it’s exhausting. During moments like these, I tend to stay in my own personal bubble to prevent involving others into my personal stress. It really bothers me when I get this way because that’s not how I truly feel. I would never want to project my stress onto other people. It has taken a lot of practice (and I’m still learning) to find ways to control my stress. This week, I wanted to share a few tips that I’ve been trying to use to ease my stress.

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