“Fall In Love 3 Times”

“Falling in love” is a difficult topic to wrap your head around. How do you know if you’re in love? How do you know what you’re experiencing is what love is supposed to feel like? I don’t think there’s a right answer to any question you ask about love. Love is a universal emotion with millions of interpretations.

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September 8, 2016

This past Saturday my two best friends and I moved into an apartment located on the UMass Amherst campus. This way of life is much different than living in the dorms. We now make most of our meals in our own kitchen, have our own bedrooms, and we share a living room. I’m so glad to be starting this new experience with these two friends – it’s a new type of independence we’ve been excited to start. In today’s post, I decided to share how I decorated my room. I know most people are back in school, but maybe some of you need some inspiration of little things you can add to your room!

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September 1, 2016

As the week comes to an end, so does summer. This means that the start of school is right around the corner. I’m filled with mixed emotions. Many of my friends are already back at school, and I’m extremely ecstatic to move in and see them! Then there’s another part of me that is restless about starting a new major as a Junior. My first two years were filled with challenges, but now I’m finally excited to start a major that I’ll love. I know that the choice of switching my major was absolutely the right one to make, but this is the year to make sure I’m heading on the right path. It’s hard not to think about what will happen if this major turns out to not be what I expected, but I have powerful vibes that this is what I’ve been wanting. I plan my week before going back in order to feel more secure with my decisions, and it has really helped me be more prepared for going back to school.

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Quick Tips : Friends

Just like many other people, there have been many times in my life where I’ve lost friendships. The reasons varied but I have learned so much from those experiences. As we get older, friendships mean more than ever. These people will stick with you throughout your whole life (hopefully), so I thought I would share with you a few tips on maintaining a healthy friendship. Continue reading “Quick Tips : Friends”

Destination: Jackson, NH

August 11, 2016

I’m a sucker for a night sky filled with stars and the skies I saw in Jackson exceed all night skies I’ve gazed upon. Jackson is filled with some of my favorite family memories. Staring up at that sky fills me with peace and allows me to reflect on all of the times shared with my family. Days are spent adventuring down the Kancamagus Highway and stopping to view new sights. Nights are spent on the porch, admiring the White Mountains and all the beauty they have to offer.

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It’s The Little Things

August 4, 2016

My job at Crate and Barrel on their merchandise team has helped me grow on so many levels. The store has been working on a huge project for the past two months. While changing beds, setting up new wall fixtures, and organizing furniture for living rooms/bedrooms, I had a great opportunity to work on my creativity and patience. Some days can be really tiring and long, but there’s always one way to make sure we’re ready to take on the rest of the work day. My co-workers’ favorite fuel is Julie’s homemade cookies. Julie is one of my co-workers who works on the sales team.

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