First Week

This week started my junior year spring semester. Moving back into the apartment was extremely exciting! I got to see all my close friends and I spent most nights hanging with my best friend. We watched tv and talked about life. Living with people who share similar likes and dislikes is the best way to get through the school year. It was hard listening to people when they commented on the fact that I lived with two of my best friends from my hometown, but these girls are the ones that make this college experience complete.

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Tuesday’s Coffee

On Tuesday morning, I sat in a cafe for about three hours trying to get my emotions written into a blog post, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that easily. There has been many ups and downs in my life recently, but I can’t find the words to explain them. I teared up eating a pumpkin scone when reminiscing on the past few months of my life. Despite the tears, I wasn’t even sad; I was proud. Proud of myself that I know exactly what I deserve in this life and how I should be treating the ones I share this life with. The tears validated that I knew I was growing as a person.

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Holding Myself Close

I’ve been wondering if I’m missing something in life because I don’t practice a specific religion. I always had this thought that we should all have the freedom to express our religious views in any way that we want. I’ve researched several religious beliefs and have found solace in many. I realized I’ve started controlling the fate of my day-to-day life. I’ve felt this strong connection to myself and how I view the power that surrounds me. Whatever happens in my life is caused by my actions. I fight for certain outcomes. I have the power to remove/insert myself into anything this life has to offer. The lessons that I’ve learned throughout life will help guide me along the way. My spirituality has taught me how to be brave in my journey.

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