Cauliflower Bites // A Recipe

Scrolling through food videos on Facebook is one of my guilty pleasures. I watch every video that pops up on my feed! Recently, I saw a video on the “Delish” Facebook account about baked cauliflower bites. I was in the mood to cook and I wanted to try out a new “healthy” snack! I’ll provide the ingredients, the recipe, and some photos I took during the cooking process.

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Warby Parker Try-On & New Collection!

I’ve been wearing glasses since the sixth grade. At that age, I was embarrassed to walk around the halls with my glasses on. As I got older, my glasses became more of an accessory to who I was. It is interesting to see how people fall in love with glasses when they don’t even need them, but that helped me embrace my lack of 20/20. Most of the time I wear contacts, but I’ve grown to love the different shaped and colored frames people were wearing for the obvious reason of needing them while also to enhance their style!

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Mario Badescu’s 50th Anniversary Edition // Skin Care Review

The other day I took a trip to Ulta with my friend and I stumbled upon Mario Badescu’s section. I didn’t know much about his products except that people have been raving about what they use in their everyday skin care regime. I found the “50th Anniversary Edition” kit that contains all the well-known skin care essentials. I never looked into the prices of Mario Badescu’s products, but to my surprise, they’re pretty affordable! Since it contained five products for $38, I purchased one and tested it out that night. Another plus for this brand is that they do not test on animals! Here’s what I thought about the kit.

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LUSH Cup O’ Coffee Mask : Review

I was cleaning out my wallet the other day and I stumbled upon an old LUSH gift card! I  headed to the mall and stopped into LUSH to see what I could find. After I posted my “Nighttime Routine,” I realized something was missing; a face mask. I have always loved LUSH’s face and body masks so I decided to try a new one! I was immediately drawn to Cup O’ Coffee because of the name. I decided to try it the moment I got home! Here’s what I thought.

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My Nighttime Routine!

I hope everyone’s summer is going great so far!

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