A Friday For The Soul

This semester is the first semester that I don’t have classes on a Friday. I’ve been trying to take advantage of this free time to get work done and do things for myself. This past Friday, my roommate Liv and I decided to get our grocery shopping out-of-the-way and then treat ourselves with a hearty lunch and some shopping.

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Quick Tips : Sick Days

Over the past week, I’ve been fighting some sort of sickness. I’ve had a cough, some sneezing, a slight fever, and definitely feeling fatigued. Instead of letting the cold control my life, I decided to fight back. This week I’m sharing my essentials to help you get through any cold this season!

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Spring Semester Essentials!

I’m back and settled in for the last semester of college! I can’t believe how fast time flew. I’m practically looking adulthood straight in the face. Before I get too ahead of myself, however, I still have four months to live my best life at school.

First things first, there are a few key parts of my lifestyle that I need to keep in check for a successful school year. I have to start off the year with an organized desk, a hearty grocery haul, and a few good books to have on hand. These might seem like random necessities, but I always feel grounded when I can check them off my list.

An organized desk and closet are essential for my daily routine – organized mind for an organized life! I have my knickknacks in one corner while my acrylic makeup organizer sits on the other corner. I have a shelving unit attached to my desk, which holds school supplies and my extra beauty and hygiene products. When this desk is neat and clean, the day is already looking really good.


Purchasing all the essentials for the fridge is the best way to promote cooking for yourself and not resorting to take-out. I picked up almond milk, coconut yogurt, chickpea pasta, salad dressing, kombuchas, eggs and tons of fresh produce; green beans, brussel sprouts, peppers, onions, and purple potatoes! This keeps me inspired when making dinner, alone or even with my roommates!



A few new items that I got in this haul looked really interesting to me and I had to pick them up to try! First is the honey roasted chickpea snacks from Biena. I’ve only had salted chickpeas so I was intrigued by this flavor. Next is the Organic Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic. The buzz over apple cider vinegar is not over and I’ve never drank it like this so I scooped up this item. I love balsamic dressing and I thought this would be perfect to drizzle on top of roasted veggies, some grilled chicken, and of course on a salad. Lastly, I bit the bullet and purchased coconut milk yogurt! I tried some in a smoothie and it was delicious. I’m really glad I found an alternative to regular yogurt.


The books I chose to have at school are a variety of self-help, poetry, and educational. I love knowing I have books on hand for when my eyes need a break from a computer/phone screen. As the weather gets a little warmer, I can bring my book and a blanket into my backyard to soak up some vitamin D. When I was in Florida, I almost made it through You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, so I have to wrap up the last few chapters of that book. I also picked up Astrology, A Cosmic Science, by Isabel Hickey. I also have a few wilderness journals that look fascinating! I have lots of reading to do this semester.


Nothing like starting off the semester with a clean room, a full stomach, and a stimulated mind!

Do you have any rituals you do before starting your day?

Thanks for reading!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

Letter To My 2018 Self

Dear Caroline,

It’s crunch time. I know you always get your tasks done, but there could be some speed bumps ahead. Don’t let anyone pull you away from your passions. No one else can tell you if your ambitions are wrong. If people have something to say, ignore them.

You have one semester left of school. This semester is about enjoying yourself, learning, and having fun. Think of how well you’ve done the past three years. There were moments when things got tough with your first major, but that helped you find your passion – the environment. There were moments of betrayal, but you learned to let those people go. You made new friends and strengthened old friendships. No matter the up or down, you came out the other side a better person.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself this year. 2018 is about loving others, yourself, and the world around you. It’s okay say no sometimes (please remember that). Take time to be with yourself, but also spend quality time with friends. Don’t compare yourself to people on social media. Keep your New Years resolution in the front of your mind. There will be some hard weeks of classes, but they’ll pass. Some friends might let you down, but people make mistakes, just like you. Don’t hold onto hard feelings – it isn’t worth the effort.

You will crush this year. Learn from last year’s mistakes and use them to your advantage.

Enjoy every minute you have left of college. Work hard towards an internship or job opportunity. Continue your journal entries. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Take more walks. Meditate more. Blog more. Call your family often. Take lots of photos. Explore new places. Don’t hold back. Everything should fall into place.  You know you can do it.

Read this letter throughout the New Year to remind yourself of how determined you were at the beginning of January to kick 2018’s butt.

Have a great year.

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

Post-Grad New Years Resolution

Life is full of difficult choices. For most of my 22 years, I’ve been following what the majority of people around me have done. Recently, I’ve been finding it hard to separate myself from not doing what everyone else is doing. People have their own post-graduation goals, which is one of the greatest accomplishments you can have as a graduating senior. That hasn’t been my mindset this year. I’ve been comparing myself to other people and their goals, when clearly our life paths aren’t the same. For some reason, I can’t help but admire them while also put myself down because of my unclear aspirations.

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Fall Back But Don’t Fall Behind!

As you all know, we recently turned our clocks back one hour. In the past, I would fully embrace the extra hour of sleep and start my day later. I’ve read many articles that claim Daylight Savings Time (DST), either gaining or losing an hour, can reduce your wellness, which will impact your day-to-day activities. I decided that I wasn’t going to let this fall back affect me. This year, I decided to adjust my sleeping schedule and use this early morning energy to my advantage.

Waking up to the sunlight in my face is my main motivator. My bed is next to my window and I leave my blinds open slightly to let the rays pour in at 6:30am. I set my alarm for 6:45 am, snooze it once or twice, and then I’m ready to get up out of bed by 7:15 am. My roommate and I have been motivating one another to stick to this routine so we can get a head start on our day. Waking up early also means that I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier too, which has been a bit more difficult with homework and other life obstacles, but I’m trying!

So far it has felt really good taking advantage of the early sunrises and the early sunsets. It’s even more helpful when I can start getting work done earlier so I can then focus on my exam week coming up. It’s has been a rewarding trade-off.

How have you been feeling with DST?

Thanks for reading!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

7 Days of Self Care : The Follow-Up

Happy Thursday!

About a month ago, I shared my challenge of taking time out of your day, for 7 days, to focus on your physical and mental health. My roommate Liv and I followed through with each day and journaled how we felt about the challenges we set for ourselves. Here are our results!

Day 1 : De-Clutter

On this day, we cleaned our living room and kitchen. Based on what Liv and I wrote in our journals, we agree that we just have to do these things to get them out-of-the-way. In Liv’s journal, she wrote, “we found that cleaning up took less effort than we originally thought, especially when done with friends and some good tunes,” which is true! Time passes so much quicker when you’re enjoying yourself. 

Day 2 : Talk About Happiness

My friend and I stayed up really late and talked about some great old memories from high school and childhood. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while. We both could tell that we were pleasantly lost in the topic and before we knew it, it was 3am.

Day 3 : Meditate/Take Time to Think

Liv and I are both very familiar with meditation. This week we both set the goal to try to challenge ourselves to extend our meditation sessions. I had a very successful meditation session this day. Liv provided a link to the meditation she did and it made her feel more confident and energized for the day! Here’s the link –> Guided Morning Meditation

Day 4 : Water

This was a challenging one for me! I usually use my reusable container for coffee, and if I’m just slowly sipping on my coffee, I won’t refill my container with water until later in the day. For Liv, this was an easy one. She has a habit of drinking 2L a day, but challenged herself to sip it periodically throughout the day, instead of chugging it down. Water is really important and this challenge taught me how to be better at getting in my necessary amounts!

Day 5 : Music

Liv listed three albums she has been loving;

“CTRL– SZA ; Something about this album JUST gets to me. It documents well her transition into her twenty-something years. This album puts into words this evolution of self, in a relatable way.

Friday Night Lights– J. Cole ; I made a mix-tape of this album in high school, and would play it driving to and from school just about everyday. I love that feeling of putting on a song you haven’t listened to in years and still remembering all the words.

Hozier– Hozier; This is another one I rediscovered my love for. Every song off of the album takes me to a specific time, memory, and feeling.  I love this one for walking around campus to some happy jams.”

I wrote down the 10 songs that always hit me right in the feels;

  1. The Girl // City and Colour
  2. Fallingforyou // The 1975
  3. Hallelujah // Paramore
  4. Daydreaming // Paramore
  5. Stay // Sugarland
  6. Move Together // James Bay
  7. Real Estate // Wild Child
  8. Airplanes // Local Natives
  9. Dave’s Song // Whitney
  10. Perfect Places // Lorde

Day 6 : Pamper Yourself

Liv and I have an obsession with face-masks so there’s no doubt that that’s how we pampered ourselves this day. Coming home after a long day of being on campus, hopping in the shower, putting on a face mask, watching some Netflix, is the way to treat yourself!

Day 7 : Bucket List

First one is Liv’s, second on is mine!


Overall, Liv and I had a really great experience with setting daily challenges. It made us think more about what we need to do for ourselves. We all have some time in our day to sit and take care of our health!

Thanks for reading.

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail