Stressed? Here’s What To Do

The days where I’m not feeling myself have been consuming me the past month. I always try to stay focused on the positive, but sometimes I get easily overwhelmed. The stress can be caused by the smallest thing, which can be the most frustrating part. It can be triggered when I think about money, school, work, or anything in between. The stress doesn’t last all day, but it’s exhausting. During moments like these, I tend to stay in my own personal bubble to prevent involving others into my personal stress. It really bothers me when I get this way because that’s not how I truly feel. I would never want to project my stress onto other people. It has taken a lot of practice (and I’m still learning) to find ways to control my stress. This week, I wanted to share a few tips that I’ve been trying to use to ease my stress.

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Sitting down to write has been a real challenge this week. I have been waking up inspired and motivated but by mid day, all I want to do is shut off my phone and lay in bed. I catch myself feeling overwhelmed at tasks that aren’t even that hard. I start at a peak of high energy and then end with a tired, cluttered brain. Days like these frustrate me to no end. I can’t even pinpoint a reason to why I feel this way. I know I’m capable of achieving much more that accepting mental defeat.

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