Loving Someone

I sit here the morning after the election with one half of my heart full of anger, while the other half is filled with passion. I don’t want to get into who’s right and who’s wrong. That isn’t what my blog is about. Sharing things that help me, that will help you, is what I aim for. If there’s one thing that has opened my eyes to the views of our country, and even the world, is music. There’s one song in particular that stands out to me during this time; Loving Someone by The 1975. Yes, I talk about this band all the time, but this song has done something to me. It has helped me rethink how I view the news and social media. As a 20-year old college student, I’m aware and accepting of what is happening everyday in the world. I think it’s time for more people to become aware of the changes that need to be made and how our choices affect everyone around us. So this week I decided to do a breakdown of the lyrics! Here’s a link to the track – Loving Someone

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Holding Myself Close

I’ve been wondering if I’m missing something in life because I don’t practice a specific religion. I always had this thought that we should all have the freedom to express our religious views in any way that we want. I’ve researched several religious beliefs and have found solace in many. I realized I’ve started controlling the fate of my day-to-day life. I’ve felt this strong connection to myself and how I view the power that surrounds me. Whatever happens in my life is caused by my actions. I fight for certain outcomes. I have the power to remove/insert myself into anything this life has to offer. The lessons that I’ve learned throughout life will help guide me along the way. My spirituality has taught me how to be brave in my journey.

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