Sitting down to write has been a real challenge this week. I have been waking up inspired and motivated but by mid day, all I want to do is shut off my phone and lay in bed. I catch myself feeling overwhelmed at tasks that aren’t even that hard. I start at a peak of high energy and then end with a tired, cluttered brain. Days like these frustrate me to no end. I can’t even pinpoint a reason to why I feel this way. I know I’m capable of achieving much more that accepting mental defeat.

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First Week

This week started my junior year spring semester. Moving back into the apartment was extremely exciting! I got to see all my close friends and I spent most nights hanging with my best friend. We watched tv and talked about life. Living with people who share similar likes and dislikes is the best way to get through the school year. It was hard listening to people when they commented on the fact that I lived with two of my best friends from my hometown, but these girls are the ones that make this college experience complete.

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