Lessons In Retail

Ever since I started working, four years ago when I was 17, I have learned a lot while working in retail. Having a job means everything to me. Yes, the pay isn’t the most desirable, nor are the hours, but I discovered some reasons why working in retail has changed my outlook on life for the better!

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Tuesday’s Coffee

On Tuesday morning, I sat in a cafe for about three hours trying to get my emotions written into a blog post, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that easily. There has been many ups and downs in my life recently, but I can’t find the words to explain them. I teared up eating a pumpkin scone when reminiscing on the past few months of my life. Despite the tears, I wasn’t even sad; I was proud. Proud of myself that I know exactly what I deserve in this life and how I should be treating the ones I share this life with. The tears validated that I knew I was growing as a person.

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This Funk

It’s strange how stressful weeks can completely change how I’m feeling about myself. These past few weeks have been overwhelming with school work and exams. Knowing I have all these important due dates coming up, I start to lose my determination. Half the time I’m motivated to do my school work, write for myself and my blog, and maintain a social life. The other half is filled with moments where I can’t find any inspiration. It might sound dramatic, but it’s a funk that I struggle to get out of. Trust me, I know that life is going great. I am so happy with where I am with school and my personal life but sometimes it gets hard.

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