Second Guesses

I’m a second-guesser. When I take an exam, I go back and think about changing my answers if I notice there’s a pattern. My mind is caught up in going with my gut, but the regret doesn’t follow too far behind. I’ve taught myself that going with my intuition is the key to making the right choices. My most successful moment of sticking with my instinct was when I switched my major from Math to Natural Resources Conservation.

Of course I had moments where I was worried that it wasn’t the smartest choice to switch my major halfway through college. I questioned the possibility that my new major might be much harder than my old one. I could list all the scenarios that went through my head before asking my advisor to sign off on my swap. Then I realized the most important detail in all the worrying and second-guessing – my happiness. If I knew that studying the environment and how to conserve it was exactly the type of academic work I wanted to be doing, why would I regret it?

I was worried that switching my major was just “throwing out” all the hard work I’ve been doing the past few years. Then I learned that I only needed a few more classes to get my minor in Math. That was a sign that things do happen for a reason. I added “get a math minor” to my future to-do list.

I’m now a month into the new school year as a Natural Resources Conservation major. All I can tell you is that I’m 100% confident that changing my major was the best decision I’ve made. I’m learning about fish and their habitats, I go on field trips to identify all types of trees, and I take other classes that discuss our relationship with the environment. I know now that all my second-guessing was for nothing. This experience will stick with my to remind me that chasing what I want is what I need. It’s a lesson I’m still learning, but I’ve noticed that going with your gut is always the way to go. It has made me happy!

You’re first choice is bound to be the best one. Don’t go back on your exam and second guess your answers for no reason, or else you’ll regret it. Proceed in life making decisions that will have a positive impact on your life! Change whatever it is that doesn’t make you happy in order to improve your style of life.

Thanks for reading! I’ll talk to you next week 🙂

-Caroline Evarts


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