Thrift Haul!

Hello and happy Thursday!!


Last week on my Instagram, I was sharing some sneak peeks of items I was trying on at Savers. Today’s post is a haul of everything I purchased!

Savers had a really great selection; comfy sweaters, funky short sleeved shirts, and jeans! I have a new policy when I go thrifting; I can only shop after I’ve donated clothes and I can’t buy more items than what I’ve donated.

Check out last week’s post, ‘Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet & Donating for a Cause!‘, where I give tips for a successful spring cleaning in your closet.

For this thrifting trip, I purchased 5 items for about $24!

Item 1 : Express Yellow-Striped Sleeveless Top – $4.99 (Retail price : $29)img_6989.jpg

Item 2 : Vans Yellow Multi-Striped T-Shirt – $2.49 (Retail price : $32)IMG_6986

Item 3 : Thin-Striped T-Shirt – $5.99IMG_6995

Item 4 : Black Tank with Red Stripe from Blassport – $5.99IMG_7008

Item 5 : Jones NY Jeans – $4.49 (Retail price : $59-79)IMG_7009

My main goal for this summer is to bring more color into my wardrobe. I purchased a few bright pieces, but I’m on the hunt for more unique and bright items!

What’s your favorite article of clothing to thrift for?

Thanks so much for reading!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail


19 thoughts on “Thrift Haul!

  1. oh my god all of your striped shirts have me in heaven stripes are my favorite! also thOSE JEANS!!! im jealous i never get that lucky thrifting because im so tall that clothes never fit right.

    but i do love to thrift for a good sweater. they’re just so comfy and i especially
    love when i can get an oversized one.

    great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jeans are so hard for me too! I’ve only found 3 jeans that “fit” but I have to roll them at the bottom and wear a belt with them to secure them. I just love when they’re already broken in and comfy!
      This is the time of the year to go looking for sweaters in the thrift stores because everyone is switching over their clothes and cleaning out their closets for summer.
      Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that struggles with finding the perfect pair of jeans! And I just went to the thrift store and stocked up on sweaters because of your comment, so thank you! x


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