B.L.O.O.M – December

It is almost the end of 2016! Here are my last favorites of the year 🙂


  • This month’s favorite beauty product is the Radha Rosehip Oil. I have heard a few people talking about this product so I wanted to give it a try for myself! This product has a rich source of antioxidants and helps eliminate signs of skin damage. I have talked about oils in my blog before but this one has been my favorite by far. It leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated, but not too greasy.


  • Recently, one of my favorite YouTuber/writer/poet (who also takes amazing photos) Orion Carloto has recently started her new website. This site has a blog section, a poetry section, and also a place where you can find all of her YouTube videos. I have admired Orion for many years now. Her words flow effortlessly when she writes about heartbreak or even finding a new love. She speaks from the heart and this is something I appreciate in a writer. If you are interested, here is her website -> Orion Carloto



  • Health Ade Kombucha has been a new drink for me! I have been crazy about it for the past couple of weeks. Kombucha is a fermented beverage of green or black tea with bacteria and yeast that supplies you with b-vitamins and probiotics. It might sound gross at first, yet once you try the amazing flavors this brand has to offer, you’ll be hooked.


  • For the past few days I’ve been in love with a new jean jacket I bought. It was in perfect condition for only $10 at the thrift store. It is oversized so I can wear layers underneath. It was such a great buy! I highly suggest checking out your local thrift store before you head to the mall because you might end up paying a portion of the price at the thrift store.



  • I am so excited to talk about the band Lewis Del Mar this month. They are a folk rock band that incorporate some experimental pop into their music. It is something different than what I usually listen to, but I’m in love with them. I highly recommend this band, check them out! Lewis Del Mar


I hope you all have a great holiday and New Years! This post is usually on the last Thursday of the month, but I wanted to move it to this week so I can spend the holidays next week with my family.

-Caroline Abigail

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