Warby Parker Try-On & New Collection!

I’ve been wearing glasses since the sixth grade. At that age, I was embarrassed to walk around the halls with my glasses on. As I got older, my glasses became more of an accessory to who I was. It is interesting to see how people fall in love with glasses when they don’t even need them, but that helped me embrace my lack of 20/20. Most of the time I wear contacts, but I’ve grown to love the different shaped and colored frames people were wearing for the obvious reason of needing them while also to enhance their style!

After many years of admiring Warby Parker for their large selection of glasses, I decided to do the “Home Try-On.” You pick 5 frames from either taking the quiz that narrows down your selection based on your answers, or just going through all their frames and picking. Once you choose the 5 frames you want, you fill out your personal information to get them delivered. The box of frames was on my doorstep three days after I ordered them!

Then you try on all of the glasses, see which one you like the most, and order it with your prescription. You have five days until you need to send the “Home Try-On” box back to Warby Parker (they even send you the return label for easy mailing). The process is so simple and you’re more than likely to find a brand new pair of glasses that suits you perfectly! Here are the frames I picked out.

#1 Louise in Elderflower Crystal

#2 Carver in Teal Crystal Fade

#3 Chamberlain in Whiskey Tortoise 

#4 Vaughan in Eastern Bluebird Fade

#5 Chelsea in Violet Magnolia

I think my favorites are #3 and #4! Which pair do you like the most?

Also, thanks to the team at Warby Parker, I get to share their new Concentric Collection! They took three of their best-selling frames and redesigned them with eye-complementing rings of color inside the lenses. The colorful temples are colored to match the inner design!

Shot_10_Conc_Chelsea_Durand_Alecia_Miles_035 circlePlates_032

“To achieve this subtle circular accent, we worked with an Italian factory that specializes in an intricate acetate-pressing process”

This is a limited edition collection that you must get your hands on! Here are the four styles.

Chelsea with Plum, Laurel with Cognac Tortoise, Durand with Oak Barrel, Durand with Blue Jay;

How awesome is this collection! I’m obsessed with the added colors. They’re a sleek design with a personal touch. I would wear the purple ones to bring out my green eyes.

Click this link to learn more about this collection –> Warby Parker : Concentric Collection

The customer service is excellent and so was my experience with the Home Try-On. Everything was quick, easy, and enjoyable. I hope you head on over to their site to check out the new collection and maybe even pick out some of your own glasses to try on at home!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail


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