Thrift Haul & International Women’s Day Instagram Challenge!

There’s nothing better than spending a rainy Friday afternoon in the thrift store! This thrifting trip was more successful than I expected. There was a unique piece in every nook of the store.

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Let’s Talk About Decor! : College Edition

The most important lesson I learned from moving into a new home is that it’s essential to make the new place feel like home. My favorite way to do this is by hanging my hats, posters, and photos of family and friends. The hard part about hanging things is that my lease doesn’t allow us to make holes in the wall. This can be hard when you run out of command strips or poster putty, but this year I made it work! I was able to find ways to hang up decorations while also hanging photos in creative ways.

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Warby Parker Try-On & New Collection!

I’ve been wearing glasses since the sixth grade. At that age, I was embarrassed to walk around the halls with my glasses on. As I got older, my glasses became more of an accessory to who I was. It is interesting to see how people fall in love with glasses when they don’t even need them, but that helped me embrace my lack of 20/20. Most of the time I wear contacts, but I’ve grown to love the different shaped and colored frames people were wearing for the obvious reason of needing them while also to enhance their style!

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B.L.O.O.M : July 2017

My “B.L.O.O.M” series has become my favorite posts to write and share. For some of my newer readers, “B.L.O.O.M” stands for Beauty, Literature, Obsessions, Outfits, and Music. It allows me to reflect on everything I’ve been loving over the past four weeks! Let’s get started on this month’s B.L.O.O.M favorites!

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