Last College Spring Break!

I can’t believe this was my last spring break as a college student! I saw lots of family over the past week and all I could talk about was how fast time was flying.

I spent most of my break hanging with family and catching up with friends. There’s something about sitting with one of your best friends, casually sipping an iced coffee, while catching up on whatever has happened since January’s winter break. Those conversations are the best way to start a day!

My parents and I enjoyed a day in Newport, Rhode Island. The weather was warm enough to comfortably walk around and shop, which was ideal before the storm snowed us in two days later.

Thankfully the day after the storm was sunny, with the streets cleared, so I went to see my grandparents. Later that night, I hung-out with my sister Sara, her girlfriend Elizabeth, and their dog Murph. We ordered food and laughed our butts off to the new Netflix show, “Nailed It.” It’s about three iffy home bakers who try to re-create baked masterpieces in a certain amount of time, and the winner gets $10,000! Every round of the show was comical based on the fact that these people really struggled to get their finished product to look anything like the original. It’s a must watch just for some really great laughs.


During my last few days, my parents and I ate delicious Mexican food at a restaurant called Acitron and my grandparents threw an awesome St. Patrick’s Day party! After the party, I picked up my boyfriend Dylan from the airport after his trip to Germany.

I shared a lot of quality time with my family and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The last few months of college are ahead, which made relaxing at home that much better!

I hope you have an amazing week!

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail


11 thoughts on “Last College Spring Break!

  1. Your dog is adorable! I graduate in summer this year and can relate to how terrifying it is but exciting at the same time. What do you study and do you know what career you would like to go into yet? xx


      1. Literally did not know that was a job haha! Good luck. I’m studying Physiotherapy so would go into Physiotherapy, probably in the NHS.


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